Ecycli is a Low-Weight Portable Power Unit that turns a regular bike into an e-bike.

When attached, Ecycli converts a regular bicycle into an e-bike.

When detached, Ecycli can be carried away by the rider and allow him to park his low-cost bicycle in public areas. 

Ecycli will make more city trips practical for more e-bike riders. 

Ecycli - Kit Main Components

  • Universal rack
    The universal rack serves as a mechanical adapter between the bicycle and the power unit.
    It is easily mounted and designed to accept the power unit when attached.
    The rack is designed to fit almost all urban city bikes.
  • Drivetrain
    A driven pulley is permanently clamped to the spokes of the rear wheel and is driven by the operated  by the driving pulley via a timing belt.
  • Power unit
    The power unit contains a motor, reduction gear, battery, and the controller board.
    All these components are designed in a very compact and lightweight configuration.
  • Battery
    Ecycli battery is based on  an advanced Lithium cell and does not compromise its range.
    Tests conducted with the battery pack demonstrate that it delivers a range of at least 30 km !
  • Motor
    We were inspired by drone motors, which are extremely lightweight. The final design presents a Brushless Sensorless DC Motor weighing just 230 g which is much lighter than common e-bike motors (3 Kg). Furthermore, efficiency and heat dissipation parameters are not compromised.
  • Wireless pedal cadence sensor
    A disc, with a set of magnets mounted on the pedal crank, calculates the frequency of pedal rotations and allows the motor to drive the bicycle, through wireless control, only when the rider is pedaling.
  • Mobile application
    The main controller communicates with smartphone application enabling the rider to control the power level, rear light, speed and battery energy level.

Ecycli - Main Key Features

  • Lightweight
    It is the lightest (2 kg) power unit for e-bikes on the market.
    This is possible because we have designed the components (motor, reduction gear, battery, and the controller board) in a very compact lightweight configuration.
  • Comfortable
    Panel control and mobile application allow for switching the device on and off and shifting the power level.
    Indicators of power level, battery level and on/off rear light provide the necessary information for comfortable and effective driving.
  • Portable
    It has been specially designed to allow the power unit to be easily attached and detached from the bike.
    This fact, in addition with its light weight, makes Ecycli portable and attractive for commuters increasingly worried about e-bike theft.
  • Durable
    • Water Protection rating
      The power unit and pedal sensor are fully enclosed, which provides an IP65 standard.
    • Machinal structure
      An advanced design, with hard wearing materials, ensure long life expectancy.
    • Battery design
      A special design of the battery makes it hold 70% of its capacity after 1,000 charging cycles.

All these features provide the system with a robust solution for  durability which represents one of the major challenges for the industry of e-bikes. 

  • Our solution lasts, on average 10% more than the newest e-bikes in market.