Bikes in Europe

  • Inexpensive regular bicycles are very popular as a last-mile-solution for in-the-city commuting

  • People park their bicycles, either in open parking lots or in the street, sometime even unlocked

E-bikes in the city

  • E-bikes are becoming more popular in Europe, however are not used ofen for in-the-city traveling

  • E-bikes are expensive and subject to theft when parked in public zones


(1,000 units) 2009 - 2016

The Need

Using affordable e-bike to commute in-the-city and  simply park it at any public destination without theft concerns

Ecycli : A small unit that converts a standard bicycle into an e-bike

  • Most suitable as a “Last Mile Solution”

  • The unit weighs only 2 kg

  • It can be easily removed at the end of the ride

  • Allows parking a low cost bicycle anywhere

  • Ecycli meets the needs of commuters in crowded cities